I'm happy to help!

Giving back is important to me

This is a picture of me volunteering. I'm doing the warm up for the National Chidlrens Trust (NCT) local parent's network. I carried out research with face to face interviews on a pram push event to raise awareness for mental health issues in Llandudno. I love meeting new people. It's a great part of my job!

I'm passionate about community. I started 'paying it forward' in my twenties. I've worked with friends of the earth and conservation volunteers in parks and reserves. I've run fancy dress fitness events for local charities and tasters for free at community centres family events on Anglesey as part of communities first projects.

If you have an interest in fitness or wellbeing and would like to learn more, I can help! Get in touch to discuss ideas and I'll see what I can do for you or, have a nosey at the fitness and wellbeing menu for ideas.