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I run terms that can be built into your activity planner or diary. I tailor the sessions to the needs and goals of the groups and organisations I work for.


Freestyle Fitness Yoga

FFY incorporates stretch, strength and Yoga. Every element of FFY is validated from a fitness perspective. Anyone taking part can expect to improve strength and flexibility, seeing benefits within 8 weeks.


Falls prevention

It's never too late to start exercising. Really it's not. I've had the pleasure of training a 107 old! I'm not kidding. Outstandingly fantastic. Very inspired, if she can do it, anyone can!


Meditation through movement

A unique embodied approach to gentle exercise, mental wellbeing and health related goal setting. Modular in style, it can be adapted to any type of group with clear immediate benefit.

Antenatal postnatal exercise

Congrats if you're pregnant or have recently become a mum. If you're well, you can exercise at any time during or after your pregnancy. It's about steady regular training and learning about what's right for you.


Older Adult People not OAPs

Sensitive to individual needs, I offer unique opportunities for long term success in health improvement through varied, punchy and above all, fun sessions. In my view, it's about making the best of what you have with someone you can truly relate to.



Pilates is NOT just bracing your tummy button into you and then waving your arms and legs around frantically, while you gasp for breath!  It's about recruiting core muscles in a very controlled dynamic way relative to the challenge of the movement you are doing.