Fitness & wellbeing for older active people

Get in touch to find out the costs of running a ten week course of 'Staying Active' or 'Balance and Strength' circuits for your local group

Sessions can be indoors or outdoors, I've got all the kit and some grooving tunes too!
I'll carry out health screening with everyone before they start and theme the sessions covering topics such as exercise for arthritis, back care, flexibility, building a strong heart, workout for weight loss, fitness games and challenges, balance tests and sports circuits.

If your are interested in setting up a group of this kind and are not sure what's involved, I can help!
I'll carry out a risk assessment for you and answer all your questions contact me

Staying Active in Older Age

We know that improving the physical and mental health of older people is at the heart of the government's policy for management of the nation's health. Central to this policy is the prevention of falls; rehabilitation of strokes; and better support for mental health. If you are an activity organiser and you would like to offer something more gentle and specific have a look at the Falls Prevention work I do or nosey at the Exercise Referral page.

Exercise. Simple, fun, effective exercise helps

I run Pilates, Stretch Tone Ahhh Relax and fitness fun for all ages. Using a variety of equipment, music and styles for circuit training guaranteed fitness progress can be made. Improvements can be monitored by taking simple base line assessments at the start and one at the end when the course finishes. If it's relaxation you need try Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing

Did you know that movement is your medicine!

You can increase vitality, health and performance through the simplest of movement. Whether you want to optimise strength, alleviate simple mechanical back pain, improve your mental focus, get toned, loose weight, enhance energy or ...well, improve pretty much any aspect of human function, movement has a key role to play. When we move we trigger a multitude of physiological responses.

Movements use calorific energy, send signals to our brains improving the speed and performance of our message highways and sending a wonderful flood of natural hormones. For free. Which make us feel alert and alive. Pretty amazing right?

Click here for a free fact sheet on physical activity for the 65+ produced by the NHS

Older Active People not OAPs