Falls support for golden oldies

Get in touch to find out the costs of running a ten week course of falls prevention or, let's call them 'Staying Steady' sessions for your local group

If your are interested in setting up a group of this kind and are not sure what's involved, I can help!
I'll carry out a risk assessment for you and answer all your questions contact me

The rest of this page provides details about my responsibilities as a trainer and useful resources for anyone working or living with older adults.

A qualified Postural Stabilty Instructor (PSI)

A PSI has a sound understanding of falls risk factors, falls prevention and the evidence for falls prevention exercise. Responsibilities as a PSI include providing a safe suitable environment, using splendid music (sometimes singing too), creating opportunities for lots of enjoyment and a good bunch of lols. Plus of course the following:

☑️ Delivering and evaluate safe, effective and progressive falls prevention exercise programmes for frailer, older people.
☑️ Tailoring and adapting for 1‐2‐1s and group approaches
☑️ Risk stratifying and referring effectively to health/exercise professionals
☑️ Identifying outcome measures, evaluation and implementation procedures
☑️ Observing relevant professional standards and medico-legal requirements for referral protocols
☑️ Acquiring skills and knowledge in order to support the visually and hearing impaired, stroke survivors and clients living with dementia and Parkinson's.

For a full list of medical conditions supported by Falls protocols go to GP Exercise Referral. Take a look at the leaflet below for details about 65+ exercise and the kind of work I do with this target group. If you need more ideas about session themes take a look at the fitness & wellbeing menu page.

Prevention of falls exercise

Tips for preventing falls

Age Uk produced this great video. Please share this and pass it on to someone you know who might be at risk of falls.

Tips for exercising

Follow this link and scroll down the page until you see the individual leaflet pictures. There are lots of excellent home exercise resources that I use in my groups. It's free to download now!

Most falls can be prevented.
Exercising, managing medications, having vision checks, and making your home safer are steps you can take to prevent a fall.

Prevention of falls exercise
Prevention of falls exercise
Prevention of falls exercise
Prevention of falls exercise