Whatever your life stage, I'll help improve your physical health and mental wellbeing, by teaching you the tools to making positive change

I deliver exercise, health and fitness education, mindfulness classes and workshops full of bubbling fun and inspiring positivity

Thanks for stopping by. I believe everyone can enjoy good health and vitality. There are two areas here where you can view the types of courses and services I offer for groups and individuals.

My 22 years of experience and enthusiasm will help you or your organisation turn your fitness ideas into results

No matter how fit your group is. Whatever condition you're living with, no matter what life stage you're in. I'll create relevant lifestyle guidance through focused and tailored training, at your level. Based on your aims, I'll develop a practice to help you bring fitness and wellbeing into your life.

I see fitness and wellbeing as a lifestyle. Not a destination

I just love helping people! Giving people body confidence, teaching up to date exercise and de-mystifying fitness fads is what I do. Intutive to what people need. I know for a fact we all have the capacity to learn something new.

I promote fitness and wellbeing!

My diary has some fixed Family Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga Exercise, Strength and Conditioning, HITT Pilates Fusion, Postnatal classes and regular work within the community. Specialised areas include women needing antenatal/postnatal support and people keen to Stay Steady who are living with neurological disorders like stroke or cognitive/mental health.

I'm currently running a fb group to get everyone up to date with what's on in Conwy (Conwy County Community Classes). I run a weekly chair fun fitness class at Eryl Fryn Nursing Home called the 'Movers and Shakers' for frail clients and those with Parkinsons and Dementia

Nosey here for more ideas about what I can offer Mindfulness, Youth & Family Work.

I love and enjoy helping people achieve their goals

Sensitive to individual needs. Putting emphasis on technique for the right type of challenge, I offer relevant alternatives for those who need them so everybody feels included. I correct old fashioned habits and update them to support every day activities. My job encourages, supports and guides people towards taking part in fitness and wellbeing so they too can experience fulfilment and self confidence.

Sessions are in, or outdoors

All we need is a space. A venue. When I say venue I mean an office or meeting room, a tent, or a spot on the prom. A playground or playing field, community or church hall, activity room or even a large shed. I've taught sessions in all of these places. I've got the kit!

Based in, but not limited to North Wales

I work freelance teaching Tai chi movements for Wellbeing and Freestyle Fitness Yoga and as a postural stability instructor I'm well experienced teaching prevention of falls. Qualifying as an Referrals Exercise Instructor in 2009, I hold lots of qualifications including antenatal postnatal certification so I can teach antenatal 1-2-1s as well as training clients with a wide range of controlled medical conditions.

If it's a short talk, fitness test or charity warm up you need, I'm game!

ALL ability and disability exercise is catered for. I educate and motivate. After-all, we all have room for wonderful wellbeing in our lives.

I know how to help people improve their physical and mental health and, wellbeing

Through my paid and voluntary work I'm in this business to make a difference. I'm here to serve. My 'Fitness and Wellbeing' idea is built on a bedrock of unconditional love, a passion for what's possible, and a long term commitment to being an unstoppable force for good.