My back story

During my Higher National Diploma in Leisure Studies at West Herts College, I favoured health, fitness and outdoor subjects. Working as a gym instructor and a conservation volunteer during spare time. I saved up for my first formal fitness qualification, Exercise to Music (1998).

I completed an Environmental Planning degree at Bangor Uni (2000). This wasn't where I learnt self discipline though. 'Twas the result of tough training with the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Territorial Army. The fun part, running a lot. It amplified my fondness for the great outdoors. So, when offered a Countryside Management Masters Degree, it was a no brainer. Term time meant working in the fitness scene. Outside Uni I continued volunteering for various environmental organisations. I even worked at Sunseed in Spain where I manned the office via solar power!

After graduation I was employed as a researcher. During summer I ran relaxation sessions, Body Pump classes, early bird circuits at 7am and health screening consultations at LA Fitness in Bromley. I volunteered again. This time in the settings of hospital and pirate radio in London. I dabbled as a presenter and host for high end brands through modelling agency work where I gained useful hospitality and event management skills.

My back story

Tracing family roots to Guyana, fuelled my curiosity for Latin America. I got involved on a street kids project in Bolivia. Studied Spanish. Gained insights into many other cultures and ways of life. Alongside personal interests in human and environmental health these valuable experiences inspired me to LEARN, EARN and RETURN. This remains a personal mantra.

Settling on Anglesey (2003) I began a real project. Motherhood. Post maternity (2004) I was employed as a Exercise Referral Professional. I ran a successful private enterprise 'shapeupwithnatasha' leading to a string of qualifications and a growing passion for fitness and wellbeing.

Since moving to Rhos on Sea, I've been slowly, happily rebuilding my business after the birth of my second child (2012). So, inhale, exhale. Here I am. Or in Tai Chi terms "here am I".

When I look back, its clear both physical exercise and mental focus have been constant in my life. Maintaining my own fitness and wellbeing.

When people ask me "so what are you up to now?" I smile and say out loud, "I am building a family life and a successful business that I love". Following my mantra, I keep learning, earning and returning.

My back story