Antenatal and postnatal classes

Pregnancy is a life changing event

When you're pregnant, you CAN train but it is more about steady, gentle training. Specific, relevant. You're not trying to loose weight or keep up with everyone else. You don't need to progress, your fitness. You're progressing a pregnancy!

You have two hearts to look after 💜💜

Maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health is important at every life stage. During the four trimesters your body adapts to the differing demands place upon it.

Best advice I can give you is:

Avoid starting a new exercise regime. Instead get professional tailored guidance. You're focus isn't "to feel the burn", get delayed onset muscle soreness or lose weight now!

Take the time to get clued up about what exercises are the most appropriate and what to avoid. It's strongly advised that you factor in your postnatal health too as time really does fly by!

Adapting exercise for antenatal postnatal groups

Working with women's health is part and parcel of what I do. I help clients who have high blood pressure, back pain and sciatica, pelvic girdle pain and symphysis pubis dysfunction, rectus diastasis (natural abdominal muscle separation post pregnancy) and weak pelvic floor problems. If you have a health condition and your doctor has given that important cue to 'go head and start exercising', I'm happy to help! Interested an antenatal 1-2-1?

I am qualified, insured and experienced

Training clients with targeted pre/post-natal exercises, Exercise Referral, Postural Stability focus or Pilates, requires a higher level of knowledge, qualifications and more importantly, experience to prepare relevant and specific exercise.
Postnatal exercise offers the right level of coaching and considers the varying stages of postnatal recovery each woman goes through. I incorporate pilates, yoga and a total body conditioning approach to functional training for mums. We even practice crawling like a baby!

Pregnancy Yoga Exercise

A trimester tailored active workout with relaxation to finish. Suitable for complete beginners and, experts. Courses have six 90 minute sessions and are £60. The first 50 minutes are exercise and relaxation focused. The last part offers a refreshment break, group discussion and mindfulness practice. Using a perfect blend of relevant Pilates and Yoga you'll be feeling strong, less achy and more motivated towards looking after your body at this special time.
Each session offers a relax. Using mindfulness techniques such as visualisation, personal ritual/intention setting, progressive muscle relaxation or music.
Purchase includes closed fb group pregnancy and postnatal support with 10% off a Postnatal Mumma & Bubba Yoga booking, one complimentary Buggyfitness class. You're also invited to join us at the termly Bump to Baby Cafe events for free cake, a cuppa and expert advice on pregnancy and postnatal fitness. What more could you want!
Midwife clearance is essential. Classes are suitable for first time mums and experienced mothers, from 14 weeks till baby arrives.

Buggyfitness is postnatal exercise

An outdoor exercise group where baby, toddlers and children can come too. High intensity training can cause long term damage to pelvic joints or put pressure on already weakened back tummy and pelvic floor muscles which desperately need restoring at this time. Exercising too intensively, too soon when your body is not fully recovered can cause long term internal damage. Some mum's just need to learn how their bodies work before they head into challenges. Some mums need to deeply recondition themselves. That's where my experience comes in!
I train YOU. It's not a one size fits all approach! Not two humans are the same!
Feeding and baby changing friendly. Varied equipment and fitness styles act as tasters for your future exercise diary. You get also get 1-2-1 technical coaching on request. If you're not sure what you should be doing, I'll point you in the right direction. If you were already training before baby, there are ways to get you started again whilst ensuring you are both educated and having fun!
Suitable from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery and 10-12 weeks depending on your recovery after a cesarean.

Term time Thursdays 9.30-10.15am Rhos on Sea Promenade Colwyn Bay

Postnatal Mumma & Bubba Yoga at Source Yoga Studio

Term time Wednesdays 1.15-2.45pm

294 Conway rd Mochdre Colwyn Bay LL28 5DS

A postnatal, gentle specific course to improve joint mobilisation, abdominal and back strength, with um ahhhhhh stretching to increase flexibility and give you an all round recovery work-out. With a focus on re-strengthening the abdominals, back and deep postural muscles which have been weakened in pregnancy.
Using enjoyable movements and relaxation you can allow yourself to slow down, feel deeply nourished and restored with postures to heal mind and body. Designed for mums with their babies. Sessions incorporate the little ones into the practice either using song or light touch to keep babies entertained, or holding the babies as part of the yoga itself.
Tailored to nurture new mums these courses are non judgemental and offer a peaceful space where mums can talk about their experiences of birth and life as Mum. The sessions are approximately 65 minutes. Mums are welcome to stay for hot drinks and a chat at the end. Please wear loose clothing and bring a small towel for your baby to lay on. All other equipment is provided.

A message to the mums. As a mum..I'm on your side

I know how hard it can be to make time for yourself. Getting out of the house. Packing enough for outcomes a-z. Shopping and eating at the same time. Doing your hair whilst hosting breakfast. Sorting washing, tidying up. Then doing it all over again. Meal prep, activity planning, socialising your littlens and falling asleep whilst reading bedtime stories. You're not the only one to feel like this. We've all been there!
As a mother of two, I've experienced two traumatic labours and suffered postnatal depression. I can relate to you. I understand what your mind and body goes through during pregnancy and beyond. That's why I offer free events supporting women during this magical life stage. 😊

I run FREE workshops a year

Essential self care planning for YOUR wellbeing
Idea. Take a moment. Stop. Breathe. Soften muscles around your eyes and lips. Inhale for three. Exhale, slowly, for four.

Core restoring pelvic floor singing
Idea. Test your pelvic floors with a sing song. That power ballad. Can you sing the chorus? Or try engaging the muscles sitting at traffic lights or standing up as you make a quick call 😊

Meal planning & basic nutrition for Mum
Let's talk about food. Strip back the waffle, and get down to the facts.

Get in touch to find out when the next one is on.

1-2-1 Booking information

In addition to the standard 1-2-1 booking benefits multiple bookings from this category include free programme revamps at any time and free Buggyfitness sessions for the duration of your booking once a week (seasonal sessions run after half term February-half term October)

Whilst some enjoy one-off sessions to update, refresh and move on from plateaus, block bookings are suited to clients who are ready to make a commitment. From my experience, clients feel more motivated towards their health when they are in a routine. It helps maintain focus on eating right and tracking fitness goals more effectively.

Exercise with confidence

I'm experienced in modifying and progressing exercise. Your programme will be based around you and your baby. I'll work with you and your health visitor if need be to plan a safe and effective (more importantly enjoyable) and educational exercise programme especially, for you.

In the meantime if you are interested in any of the work I do, please join the Facebook group 'Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness & Wellbeing with Natasha' to keep up to date. Or call me to discuss your interest 07919131516.