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MindBody Sessions

These training styles balance out your workout routines contrasting perfectly with cardio and strength programmes

Stretch Tone and Relax (A star shape with STAR label for this one)

A perfect combo of yoga, pilates and gentle strength exercise finished with a deep relaxation leaving you feeling toned, supple and super chilled

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Logo I will attach this separately.

These movements will increase your body/mind coordination, your circulation and flexibility and improve your balance. A simple doable sequence of movements offering a feeling of being well.

Core Control Pic like this apple

Using a combination of classical Pilates exercises and modern abdominal training to build fab abs and a healthy back. Relax, then strengthen and stretch your body. Using combinations of body weight, seated or lying mat work and exercise balls.


In Pilates we mindfully perform intense lengthening and toning exercises. Traditionally a popular form of exercise, pioneered in the early 20th century, by Joseph Pilates. It became synonymous with rehabilitation, core strengthening, improving balance and reducing stress levels. It's also a fantastic approach to correcting posture.

Specialist Functional Training Sessions

Pre/post-natal exercise

Training will focus on strengthening the pelvic floor, abdominal muscles, back, legs and upper body. Pilates can be linked in too if desired. Ideal for preparing the body to cope with the changes that occur during and after pregnancy. Exercises are specifically designed to help the body manage the labour and recover quicker. Suitable for both new Mums and Mums to be!

GP Referral Exercise whats up doc or similar again (same as before) (see the clip board menu on the home page for prices and information)
I provide exercise instruction and programming for groups and individual who are not affected by medical conditions or physically limited in any way.
Working with people who have suffer from one or more managed conditions like heart problems, or diabetes, non-specific low back pain and arthritis (Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis).

Better Balance Falls Prevention and Postural Stability

Exercise specifically targeted for improvements in balance, strength and co-ordination. General fitness and wellbeing will be improved as a by-product too.

Instructing exercise for people who are considered to be in the 'specialised' exercise bracket can sometimes produce serious symptoms. So, the exercise programmes have to be designed and relevant in order to improve a client's health, functional ability and general wellbeing.

My Fitness Fun Sessions

  • Simple effective fitness training at its best. Have your workout, your way!

Learn to run

  • I'll get you started. Even if you think you can't run a tap. Ready set go!

Weights for weight loss

  • Effective metabolic workout

Boot camp

  • Full of all the most popular style circuits and team work

Pad work and boxing drills

  • Improve speed, agility and get fighting fit!

High and happy interval circuits

  • Good old fashioned circuits with mini cardio blasts to kick start your fat burning and build stamina

Hi-lo Cardiokick

  • This is not just any mental and physical challenge. Using combat moves, you'll put your speed, strength and endurance to the test. Get fighting fit, stay strong and unleash the champion in you. An exhilarating, stress busting experience!

Old school aerobics

  • All the best bits you remember in a fitness remix

Step and tone

  • Get into the groove to tunes you love and tone your torso with intervals of simple cardio and resistance work.

Fat burning Fit Ball

  • Not just a workout, awesome aerobics to prepare and fit ball training to give you the skills to exercise confidently. Burn calories, shape up attack those stubborn areas!