What's up Doc? Exercise Referral

I've successfully trained hundreds of GP, physiotherapist, practice nurse, health visitor and midwife referred clients to improve their medical condition. After a lifestyle consultation to evaluate their health, I designed, instructed and monitored their progress on a specific exercise referral programme.

Who is the Exercise Referral for?

I can, provide exercise instruction and programming for groups and individual who are not, affected by medical conditions or physically limited in any way. The Exercise Referral option specifically targets people who fit into one or more of the following categories:

🎯Someone previously referred by any health professional who has completed/partially completed a programme of exercise after having a GP Referral e.g. in a leisure centre, wishing to develop or maintain their health.

🎯Someone who has finished physio treatment and would benefit from continued specialised exercise guidance.

🎯Anyone living with a condition (such as, but not limited to the list shown) who is interested in learning how to maintain optimum physical health by working with an experienced trainer.

🎯Anyone with a motivation to build confidence in their exercise routine after injury, surgery or long term illness.

What happens next?

After a personal consultation (probably over a cuppa) I'll work with you to build a fitness plan that is agreeable, achievable and most importantly, fun!

Training clients with specialist antenatal postnatal exercise, specific medical condition focused exercise or Postural Stability Instruction, requires a higher level of knowledge and experience and therefore more preparation. As such the following prices apply.

1-2-1 private training prices

1-2-1 Private consultation £30
This session is approximately 40 mins. It establishes goals and the suitability of the fitness and wellbeing service, to ensure that future bookings meet the need of the client.

Block booking of 5 x 1 hour session per week £225
Block booking of 10 x 1 hour session per week £400

The NHS and the Uk Chief Medical Officer's Guidelines 2011 recommend a strength and balance training twice weekly. As such I'm also offering a twice weekly arrangement:

Block booking of 10 x 1 hour session twice a week for five weeks £339.00

Price includes complimentary tasters to any other session I'm running at the time of booking and subject to space availability.

What do you get in an hour?

One typical hour on a booking of sessions consists of the following ingredients blended to your tastes and targets! 45 minutes of guided exercise at your pace and a 15 minute evaluation and education focus.

As part of any ten block booked sessions one hour will include a technical instruction session for two uniquely tailored workouts complimenting your personal exercise programme

All block bookings come with these benefits as standard:

Free 30 min consultation
Free fitness assessment (one per booking)
Agreed targets to help you maintain focus and momentum
Available support during office hours 9-5pm weekdays
Loan of suitable equipment
Free 30 min taster session in any style chosen from the Fitness and Wellbeing Menu for you or, two of your friends when you buy a block booking of ten 1-2-1 sessions

1-2-1s can include these benefits on request as one of your sessions:

Goal and intention setting
Introduction to relaxation and tapping techniques for self-healing
Tai chi movements for wellbeing taster
Diet advice based on nutritional analysis
Weight monitoring if necessary
Stretching guidance
Exercise technique correction and postural alignment awareness
Blood pressure check if necessary

Do you know a group interested in getting active?

If you're interested in specialist sessions for your local group, get in touch. I can help. I can work with all of you on a personal level to create a programme of exercise that is modified to suit everyone. Best of all it won't feel like a chore (which let's face it, any boring exercise can be, boring). It'll be enjoyable, something to look forward to.

I'll take into account everyone's diet, exercise experience and lifestyle. I'll find out what we can do to get you all feeling revitalised through the right kind of movement. Whatever the challenge, I'll run a rewarding and positive session whilst being sensitive to individual needs.

Exercise Referrals

Managed and controlled conditions list

It's a snapshot. There isn't enough room for a working history! References and qualifications available on request. Got a question? Connect
Likewise, if you do have a health concern, don't forget to consult your doctor before starting to exercise.

☑️Respiratory Conditions
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Musculoskeletal Conditions
Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis
Joint replacement
Simple mechanical back pain and lower back pain

☑️Cardiovascular Conditions
Irregular heart rhythms

☑️Neurological Conditions

☑️Psychological/Mental Health Conditions
Low confidence
Post-natal depression

☑️Metabolic/Immunological Conditions
Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2
Pre/post natal Conditions
Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (pelvic girdle pain)
Postural stability problems (general back pain and weakened core)

Exercise Referrals

Qualifying in 2007 as an Exercise Referral Instructor, employed as an Exercise Referral Professional and 2009 as level 4 Specialist Instructor working with older adults and the frail and elderly, I'll design a realistic measurable programme to suit you as a person and, the managed controlled condition/s you are living with.

My enthusiasm will keep you motivated. I'll focus on your technique. Make sure you're capable of doing your homework. Yes. Some exercise homework. By putting in the effort, finding out what's best for you and joining forces to set the right targets as a team, you WILL achieve your goals.

At this point I think its' time to reward yourself! You read this page. Its' the first step to bringing real change to your health. I'm happy to help. This is where you can start a fitness and wellbeing journey.
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